Health Benefits Associated With Clean Carpets

If you are staying in a home with one or more carpets, it definitely feels great when you avail professional carpet cleaning service. It leaves your home, especially the floors as clean as it used to be. Your home is cleaner and bacteria-free which makes you comfortably relax on surfaces without worrying about any kind of illness or infection. In this blog, we will discuss specific reasons to keep your carpets cleaner at regular intervals.


Cleaner carpets keep you healthier

As per researches, there is reduced the risk of heart diseases when you live in a cleaner house. A tidy home is possible only when the entire house members contribute to it. By not cleaning carpets, people fall ill or get infected due to common germs that are found in carpets. These germs get accumulated due to dust and dirt and can cause common diseases. Some of the most common germs found in dirty homes include campylobacter, staff, and norovirus. Therefore, carpet cleaning is essential to keep germs away from you and family members.

Stream extraction carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning is necessary, especially when the carpet is soiled heavily. Use of hot water and other cleaning agents, when used under pressure, provide excellent results, especially for spills and pet problems. This type of cleaning method is totally safe for children as well as pets. It dries up within 12 to 15 hours. Most professional carpet cleaning services recommend this type of cleaning annually.

Dry cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning

The process is also known as encapsulation basically involves treating the carpet with foam, dry cleaning materials which spread evenly on the carpet fibers. No trace of soil can be found as it’s encapsulated and carried to the surface. It is crystallized and vacuumed away quickly after drying. It normally takes around a half hour to 2 hours. It is safe for both children and pets. The protector is used in the same process with no extra moisture application.

Combined service benefits

You can ask for a quote, especially if you are willing to avail multiple carpet cleaning services at once. There are best of companies offering carpet cleaning and other related services at great prices and offer. It helps in getting your home and floors looking cleaner and newer and services can be availed at best rates too. Lastly, your house will be free of germs and you can remain healthy too.

Carpet Cleaning By Steam – What You Need To Know

Most carpet cleaners will suggest the steam cleaning process and there are good reasons why. It is usually a deep cleaning method where different cleaning agents are used with blasts of hot water as well as steam. This helps to remove grime and dirt more easily from carpets and is usually compatible with most durable carpet materials. It is effective for tile cleaning as well, one of the reasons for which professional cleaners will use the same method, albeit in different ways, for cleaning tile as well as carpeted areas.

How did it work?

Deep cleaning with the use of steam or blasts of hot water helps to dislodge grime and dirt more easily. As grime and dirt particles get entangled into carpet fibers, cleaners mix hot water with certain cleaning agents. As the mixture is routed through in the form of high-pressure jets, it permeates through the carpet fibers and loosens up the grime. This dislodges dirt particles which are then removed with a strong vacuum. This retrieves the excess detergent and dirty water, which leaves the carpet clean and it, gets dry in a short time, depending on external climate conditions.

Can you do it with handheld devices?

With the availability of many handheld carpet cleaning devices available in the market, you might wonder whether steam cleaning can be accomplished with such devices. However, though such devices can be used to clean kitchen counters and tiled surfaces, they would not be effective enough for deep cleaning carpets. Hence it is best that you leave it to the experts to get a proper cleaning done on your carpets.

How long is the cleaning process?

That depends on the area of carpeted floor or walls that you have. If you have large rooms with carpeted floors and a single cleaner working, it would take half a day. On the other hand, for small apartments, the cleaning and drying of carpeted floors tend to be over in a couple of hours.

When can I re-use cleaned carpeted floors?

It is best to leave the cleaned carpets to dry completely before anyone walks over them. If you have windows that can be opened, then allow cross ventilation to occur which will help in drying up the carpets. Unless there is an emergency, try to get a carpet cleaning by steam to be done during dry weather conditions.