Steam Cleaning

Clean Your Carpet With Steam Cleaning Technique

The carpet present on our home floor is our style statement. It makes the house presentable and increases its beauty. But, keeping the carpets in the same condition is important as in the absence of that, it won’t solve the purpose. The best way to clean the carpet is via steam cleaning. It is a new concept of cleaning carpet of any length and any make. Have a look; what is steam cleaning and how it cleans the carpet of any length and make.

What is steam cleaning?

The steam cleaning basically is the cleaning of carpet with hot water. In professional term is also called as hot water, soil extraction (HWE) cleaning. In this cleaning method spray of hot water is spilled on the carpet. Sometimes, the chemicals are also added to the water. Once the water is spilled on the carpet, it is vacuumed up. At the time of vacuum, the dissolved dirt also gets vacuumed leaving the carpet clean and dirt free. The chemicals used in the cleaning process sterilize the carpet and leave it healthy for kids and pets to play and enjoy.

However, as far as opting the steam cleaning method on different carpets is concerned, all carpets are not made for the steam cleaner. Thus, it is better you read the carpet manufacturer’s recommendation before opting this service.  Some manufacturers recommend steam cleaning for their carpets and at the same time, some strictly restrict the use of hot water/ steam on the carpet.

The manufacturers that recommend steam cleaning does not mean, it could be done casually. On the contrary, recommendation means cleaning the carpet, through professional’s help. The man-made carpet does not allow steam clean as it damages the fibers of the carpet and also changes its characteristics. Similarly, the natural fiber carpets can shrink when exposed to hot steam, the Berber carpets may become messy

How effective is it?

Green Carpet cleaning is effective and very popular at the present time. The biggest advantage of steam carpet cleaning process is that you do not have to wait for the carpet to get dry and then put it on your floor. It is cleaned right, at its place. Moreover, the chemical used in steam cleaning remains mild and non-toxic in nature.

It deep cleans the carpet and it is effective in the mold cleaning as well. While other cleaning techniques like bleach, just bleach the color of mold,  the steam cleaning kills the bacterias growing inside, using high heat and remove it from the root by vacuuming it.

In addition to that, the steam clean process is cheaper than other methods of carpet cleaning. It is fast and involves less mess.