Pet-Friendly Carpets

Pets are not just pets; for most homes, pets are regarded as members of the family. And because pets are considered as family members, we always to take into account what’s best for them.

Pet-Friendly Carpets

We all know that our furry friends want to play, roll, and simply lay around on carpeted floors. Some pet owners even put clothing on their cats and dogs – including socks. Pets wearing socks might easily slip on hardwood floors, so carpets and rugs can be truly useful in keeping them safe.


However, every homeowner who has carpet on their floors knows that carpet maintenance can be quite difficult when you have a pet indoors.


Therefore, you have to make the right choices when it comes to selecting the perfect carpet that would be easy to take care of even when you have pets around.


If you are just to buy a carpet for your home, you have to know which kinds of carpet would survive if you have pets at home. Here are some points to remember in purchasing a pet-friendly carpet:


  • When you have pets, you would understand that there can be times when paw prints, stains, as well as urine are unavoidable. Because of this, you need a carpet that has high stain resistance. You have to steer clear of carpets that are super absorbent, such as natural carpets like wool. Synthetic carpets just like polypropylene, nylon, and polyester are your best choices because of their stain resistant properties.


  • Don’t forget that once your pet urinates on the carpet, it’s possible that the damage would be irreparable that you would need to replace your entire carpet. If you don’t want this to happen, you can also try using carpet tiles instead. When your pet urinates on carpet tiles, you simply need to replace the tiles affected by the damage.


  • Cats and dogs have nails that can be stuck on loop pile carpets, so sticking to twist pile or cut pile carpets is your best bet. It actually depends on the pet you have, if you have dogs – there’s a chance that they’ll get fleas; so the best option would be a twist pile carpet so there would be very little chance for fleas to be trapped inside the pile. However, if you have a cat, they might scratch on twist pile carpets. For cat owners, the cut pile would be more suitable. Whatever pet you may have, it would be wiser to avoid looped pile carpets – the loops can easily trap your pet’s nails.


  • Extra precaution is necessary if you want to take care of your carpet and your pet at the same time. Regular vacuuming is required, too, if you want to remove pet hairs from your carpeted floors. Be careful in applying chemical-based cleaning agents on your carpets because there were some claims that certain carpet cleaning products and carpet deodorizers could be harmful to pets. You can stick to natural carpet cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda – or buy cleaning agents that are specifically pet-friendly and nontoxic. And don’t forget to call in the experts from time to time such as